Summer Reading

30 Aug 2023

Books I read in the Spring and Summer of 2023. Mostly in the Summer since I’d started playing Elden Ring in March and that took up a lot of the time that otherwise might have been spent reading.

All Systems Red

by Martha Wells

Death Times Three

by Rex Stout

These are easy to read. Whenever I see one I hopefully don’t recognize at the local used book shop, I pick it up. Each book has two or three stories (novellas?). I know the characters and Stout tells a good story.

Ancillary Justice

by Ann Leckie

Maigret and the Saturday Caller

by Georges Simenon

Death and the Dancing Footman

by Ngaio Marsh

Not Quite Dead Enough

by Rex Stout

Maigret and the Toy Village

by Georges Simenon

Not a Scientist

by Dave Levitan

Who’s Body?

by Dorothy L. Sayers

The first of the Lord Peter Whimsey novels. It felt a little forced. One of the mysteries where you, the reader, are kept in the dark most of the story, then at the end there’s some revelation or bit of evidence that comes to light. Mystery solved.

Hell House

by Richard Matheson

This is a version of The Haunting of Hill House where ghosts are real.

My first Richard Matheson novel. I’ll be looking for more.

The Black Swan

by Nassim Taleb

Verdict of Twelve

by Raymond Postgate